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  • Bring tap plastic products & receipts with us to Wendy tmo to return No due date
  • Taylor - finish Measurements & Ordering instructions No due date
  • Katie-Finish assembly instructions No due date
  • Taylor-take pics of files( excel, cuff pdfs, 80/20 ipt updated parts) on website No due date
  • Amanda- finish the drawings for all revisions with correct revision number No due date
  • Kelsey- finish executive report No due date
  • Taylor-binder due Wednesday No due date
  • Katie-warning labels No due date
  • Thomas - Before doing any video editing, put website online! So Taylor can see the download-able items to take pictures No due date
  • Thomas - film zero-gravity spring assembly No due date
  • Kill spiders inside me No due date
  • Ace we need the allen wrenches back to kill the spiders No due date
  • Sonia No due date
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